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Roger Miller and his Song “I Know Who It Is” from his Album 1970

Roger Miller and his Song “I Know Who It Is” from his Album 1970 1
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If you have read the Bible, you might know of the following names, Daniel, Noah, Moses, and Jonah. If you have heard of their story, you will know who is that Someone behind them. The story of their success is all possible because of God. If God were not there, no good would ever happen. They might end up dead because God was not there to protect them. Therefore, for all the good things we have in our life, let us not forget to thank the Lord and praise Him.

Roger Miller’s Album

“I Know Who It Is (And I’m Gonna Tell On ‘Em)” is a song written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1970. The song “I Know Who It Is (And I’m Gonna Tell On ‘Em)” is also included on his studio album Roger Miller 1970, which he released under Smash Records. His album entered the Billboard chart at No. 33. In addition, the album remained on the chart for a total of 7 weeks. Roger Miller 1970 also placed at No. 200 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1970.

About the Song

Roger Miller’s song tells the story of Someone who made all things possible. He talks about God who made the trees and the rock. Moreover, he also reminds us that God is the one who sacrificed His one and only Son to save us from our sins. Miller also mentioned the name of Noah, Daniel, Jonah, and Moses. In which serves as a reminder to us that nothing is impossible as long as we have God. Like in the story of Jonah when he was inside a big whale, God saved Jonah. When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, yet he was not harmed because God was with Him. All of this serves as a proof that our living God is more powerful than anything else.

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