October 25

Remembering Roger Miller on his 26th Death Anniversary

Today, we remember Roger Miller’s twenty-sixth death anniversary and in line with it, let’s also listen to his best songs. But first, let’s take a look at how he started his career.

The Beginning of Roger Miller

Roger Dean Miller Sr. was born on January 2, 1936, at Fort Worth, Texas. When his father died, he and his brothers were raised by his father’s brothers. When he was young, he wrote songs. He learned to play the guitar when his cousin’s husband taught him. However, Miller did not immediately pursue a career in music because he first entered the military.

The Songwriter

After his service in the military, Miller returned to the U.S., but instead of returning home, he went to Nashville. There he tried to pursue his dream to be a singer and songwriter. However, he did not land a job as a songwriter or a singer. Therefore, he moved to Texas and got married. When he was fired from his job as a fireman, he returned to Nashville and wrote the first song that became a hit for Ray Price. After that, he signed with Tree Publishing as a songwriter.

The Singer

The first song that became a hit for him was “You Don’t Want My Love.” He followed it with the song “When Two Worlds Collide.” However, Miller was let go by his recording studio because of his lifestyle.

When he signed with Smash Record, Miller released his two hit songs “Dang Me” and “Chug-a-Lug.” Since then, he released songs that top the chart.

Roger Miller’s Best Songs

Here, we present the best songs of Roger Miller:

“King of the Road”

This song became Miller’s signature song. He wrote the song in 1964 when he saw a sign that says Trailers for Sale or Rent. He earned his second number one on the Billboard chart with this song.

Moreover, his song entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number four, making it his highest charting song on the Billboard Hot 100. His song entered various charts outside of the U.S. too.

“Dang Me”

He earned his first number one song on the Billboard country chart with this song of his. Miller wrote the song and released it in 1964. This song also entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number seven. In addition, he won his first Grammy with this song.


This is a fun drinking song written by Miller. This song was released at the same time with his first number one song “Dang Me.” “Chug-a-Lug” reached number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Moreover, it secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Husbands and Wives”

This is another song written by Roger Miller in 1966. “Husbands and Wives” reached number five on the Billboard Country Songs chart. Moreover, it crossed over to the pop chart at number two.

“England Swings”

Last but certainly not the least of Roger Miller’s best songs is “England Swings.” The song tackles the lifestyle of people in London during those times. Like some of his songs, this became a hit, reaching the Billboard Country chart at number three. Moreover, it secured the number one position on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

There you are, folks. The best songs of Roger Miller, although he still has other good songs that are chart-topping, it cannot fit the top five list. Last August, a tribute album was released for Miller. It featured thirty-two of his songs. Stay tuned for that!


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