October 3

Roger Miller and the Art of His Novelty Hits

Like their singers, big-time hits come in all shapes and sizes of tunes and lyrics.

Like the previously written 1960 smash song, “Hello Walls” by Willie Nelson and cut by Faron Young, there were other sorts of goofy songs in the early 1960’s that also went huge. If you knew the wacky guy in this article’s title, then you probably could guess which songs I was pertaining to.

Dang Me

“ Dang me. Dang me.
They oughta take a rope and hang me…”

Can we call it an accidental genius when you are lamenting in a song and others poke fun at it yet patronize it at the same? Such was the case for this Roger Miller piece. It tickled many ears that it laughed its way to the top of Country Song Billboard for Singles. It even crossed over to pop hits’ top ten.

You Can’t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd

One could tell by the title alone that it would be another silly and fun song. This, according to Miller, was his favorite among all his compositions. Well, browsing through its lyrics and regardless of anyone’s interpretation, it surely will bring out your quirky side when you sing along with it.

King of the Road

My belief that a commoner’s life is one of the greatest luxuries of life was put to shame with this one. Miller glorified the lifestyle of a vagabond whose home is the road. Less meant more freedom.


Ten years prior to the boom of his career in the 1960’s and forward, he was a poor lad who had lived in Texas and Oklahoma working on cotton farms. To avoid going to jail, he served in the army for some time before finally landing his goldmine of talents in Nashville. Like Bill Anderson, his songwriting skill was impressive. He first wrote songs for other artists, then move on to recording and to becoming a performer on broadways and on TV.

“Roger was the most talented, and least disciplined, person that you could imagine.”

– Bill Anderson –

If you think I’ve forgotten, here’s Dang Me performed by Roger Miller for your treat.


  • […] Roger Miller’s first entry to the top of the country charts was his 1964 record “Dang Me.” The song did not only give Miller his first No. 1 country hit but also several Grammy Award wins. In particular, the song bagged three Grammy Award titles in 1964. These were the Best Country Song; Best Western and Country Recording, Single; and Best Western and Country Performance, Male. The album on which the song was released also brought home the Best Western and Country Album award together with Chug-a-Lug. Finally, in 1997, “Dang Me” became Grammy’s Hall of Fame Song recipient. Besides those accolades, Miller scored his foremost Top 10 single on the pop chart with the novelty song. Accordingly, it paved the way for the recording of a string of big hits for Miller. […]

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