October 22

Rodney Crowell Added A Twist on Johnny Cash’s Song “I Walk The Line”


Rodney Crowell did not cover Johnny Cash’s song “I Walk The Line.” Instead, there is a twist in his song that you would not expect. Read more if you want to know about Crowell’s “I Walk The Line Revisited.”

Rodney Crowell’s Song of “I Walk The Line Revisited”

Rodney Crowell was Johnny Cash’s son-in-law, he married Cash’s daughter Rosanne Cash in 1979. The song was written by Crowell after he and Rosanne were already divorced. The song “I Walk The Line Revisited” is a story of a man who first heard Johnny Cash’s famous song “I Walk The Line.” The narrator proceeds on telling how the song seems to sound as good as the first time he heard it. He compared the song to classics such as the Mona Lisa painting and Shakespeare’s writings.

“I swear it sounds as good right now as anything I hear

I’ve seen the Mona Lisa, I’ve heard Shakespeare read real fine

Just like hearing Johnny Cash sing I walk the line.”

The best part of the song is when Johnny sings the part of his song “I Walk the Line.” Johnny recorded his version of “I Walk The Line” in a different tempo, a little bit similar to Crowell’s song. Overall, the song came out to be amazing and great. This song shows how Crowell honors Johnny Cash and his song.

“I Walk The Line Revisited” Release

“I Walk The Line Revisited” was first released as a single in 1998. In 2001, Crowell released an album, The Houston Kid, where he made his song part of it. “I Walk The Line Revisited” by Rodney reached No. 61 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. While his album Houston Kids placed at No. 32 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Moreover, the album reached No. 19 on the Billboard Top Independent Album chart.

Here you are folks, the collaboration of the old and the new, Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line” and Rodney Crowell’s “I Walk The Line Revisited.”

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