July 7

The Rock Declares Stone-Solid Love For Country Music

The Rock Declares Stone-Solid Love For Country Music 1

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I love Dwayne Johnson or better yet known as “The Rock”. Do you too? Well, if not, here’s one of the reasons why you should. He has a great taste in music and that’s no other than country music.

In a recent Instagram post, he admits that he is a adamant fan of traditional country music. He has 82.5 million followers and he openly showed his love for Cody Jink’s song “Somewhere in the Middle” from his 2010 record ‘Less Wise’ be known.

“I tried, but I could never write music that good,” Johnson posted. “I always had a decent ear for rhythm and a good eye for lyrics though. Check this song out by one of my favs Cody Jinks. These lyrics spoke to me pretty quickly. And where the chorus goes tempo and rhythmically is pretty cool … ‘You never know who you’re talking to, but always know who’s watching you, keep your feet movin’ straight down the line.’”

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Further, he also expressed his love for other legendary country musicians adding, “I’m a lifelong fan of traditional, hard core country (Paycheck, Willie, Haggard, Jones, Jamey Johnson, Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson etc). But even if you’re not, I think you’ll dig and appreciate it.”

In 2011, Dwayne Johnson stepped in after Terrence Howard backed out for the role of Charley Pride. It was supposed to be a biopic film that was unfortunately, delayed due to rumors of the film’s material involving rights issues.

Since we are also big fans of Cody Jinks, we hope that this endorsement can help boost the song’s downloads and popularity. It’s not that he will need it but it could use some more bumps since the album “I’m Not the Devil” has been released in 2016.

Listen to Somewhere in the Middle and appreciate it the way The Rock did.


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