January 10

“Road Crew” is for all Hardworking Roadies Out There.


HEROES? Well, we shore have a whole bunch of ‘em… A lot of really very famous ones to boot! You got Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, General George Custer, Wyatt Earp (of course) among many others. And then we also (quite sadly) have them so-called modern day unsung ones who not until these days wouldn’t have seen even just a little glimmer of light. Much more, any exposure. You’ve gots them truckers, rodeo clowns, railroad men, and firemen. Farmers! Who the heck in tarnation would ever forget them noble farmers, anyway?!? Then, you also got our humble and seemingly anonymous roadies.


SHORE, we famous as fame could ever be, we know all—if not most—of ‘em HEADLINERS: King George (Strait), Reba (Ms) McEntire, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Ernie and Bert. Mac and Cheese… Oops, keyboard slept or slipped! Ahehehe, just horsing a bit my dear folks. But seriously, I had played in a few bands whose career didn’t really fly or go rocket-shippin’ to the moon. So I do know a thing or two about them dear roadies of ours. Heck, I figure, most musical careers of our favorite country celebrities may not have been how theirs are going no if not for-.

INCIDENTALLY, THANK GOD FOR MIKE AND THE MOONPIES for coming up with this cut they call Road Crew! Real upbeat and amusing but a very fine Tribute to our respected and revered roadies.

GENUINE HONKY-TONKIN’ AT ITS FINEST but really quite says it all.

SO AS A TREAT for all you Honky Tonk lovin’ Cowboys and Cowgirls out there, I present you with this beautiful video…

I TRULY DO HOPE that you kind folks liked it and, as ALWAYS,

“May The Lord God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!”


mike and the moonpies, road crew

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