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“The River of Jordan” Flowing With Hopeful Stories

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Do you remember the stories from the bible about the Jordan River? The Jordan River played many roles in the bible. Joshua, leading the Israelites to the promise land, have to cross the Jordan River. This is also where John the Baptist, baptized many people. The Jordan River is where people witnessed the Holy Spirit coming down from heaven when Jesus was being baptized.

The Song: “The River Of Jordan”

“The River of Jordan,” written by Hazel Houser and performed by The Louvin Brothers, in 1959. The song is a country gospel music, which is included in their top performing album Satan Is Real. The Louvin Brothers’ album Satan Is Real is a collection of Christian songs that talks about faith, sin, and redemption. Satan exists in the form of sin, trying to pull us away from God, but we all know that God is far more powerful than anything else.

The Song’s Content

The song “The River Of Jordan” talks about Jesus’ baptism at the river of Jordan and how the Holy Spirit came down to bless him. The narrator also told the story of Naaman who washed away his disease as he dipped himself on the Jordan River. “The River of Jordan” symbolizes the washing of sins. It represents the hope that despite we have sinned as a human being,  our sins can be cleansed by the power of God.

Some Stories About the Jordan River

The Jordan River was mentioned 190 times in the bible. It plays a significant role in the bible. All of the stories here represents hope in many different ways. Therefore, open your bible and take a look at some beautiful stories in it.

  • It was first mentioned when Abraham and Lot parted ways. (Genesis 13:10-11)
  • When Joshua succeeded Moses as the leader of God’s people, they crossed the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land. (Joshua 3:15-17)
  • Where John The Baptist ministered.
  • It’s where Jesus Christ was baptized by John The Baptist.

A Little Bit About The Artist

Lonnie Ira Loudermilk and Charlie Elzer Loudermilk were collectively known as The Louvin Brothers. The began singing gospel songs when they were young. In 1955, they started performing country songs. “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby” was their only No. 1 song on the chart, however, they had other country songs produced. Despite moving to singing country music, they never forget to include gospel music in their performance.

“Charlie says, ‘I don’t think we ever did a show without some gospel music. Our mother would have thrashed us if we hadn’t done that!”

In 1963, the Louvin Brothers separated. They went performing individually. Their last single together was “Must You Throw Dirt In My Face?” Ira died in a car crash in 1965, and Charlie died last 2011 due to complications from his surgery. The Louvin Brothers were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.


Louvin Brothers, River of Jordan

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