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“Rings Of Gold” A Sad Song From Dottie West and Don Gibson

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A Brief History Of Dottie West

Dottie West born as Dorothy Marie Marsh was a country music singer and songwriter, who was best known for her two hits, “Rings of Gold” and “Would You Hold It Against Me.” West had a degree in music at Tennessee Technological University. Dottie met her husband, Bill West, at the university.

West’s first single to hit the top of the charts was, “Let Me Off At The Corner.” She followed it with “Here Comes My Baby” which made her won the Grammy award for Best Female Country and Western Vocal Performance, in 1964.

In 1966, West released her biggest hit known as “Would You Hold It Against Me” which was included in her album, Suffer Time. West teamed up with Don Gibson to perform a song called “Rings of Gold.” It landed at the No. 2 spot on the charts. She performed other songs but it didn’t top the charts compared to her previous country hits.

West’s No. 2 hit, “Country Sunshine”, was used in Coca-Cola commercial in the 1970’s.

West despite having personal and financial problems created more songs and went on tours. Her life ended in 1991 after she suffered from a terrible car accident.

West’s 3 Marriages

Dottie met her first husband when she was still studying at Tennessee Technological University, Bill West. Bill West and Dottie met because of their love of country music. Bill plays the steel guitar as a hobby. They got married while they were completing their studies. Dottie and her husband both wrote the song “Here Comes My Baby” that garnered her a Grammy award for Best Female Country and Western Vocal Performance. The couple split on 1973, and she married her drummer Byron Metcalf, who was 11 years younger than her. Eventually, Dottie and Metcalf had to split because of Metcalf’s drinking problems. She married a younger man again, Alan Winters, in 1980’s. The couple split in 1990. Dottie had 2 children from her first husband, Shelly West and Richard Kerry West.

The Song, “Rings Of Gold”

Being in love is such a beautiful feeling. Marrying the person you love is a gift, and spending the rest of your life with them is really something good to look forward too. However, in some cases, marriage doesn’t work due to many factors.

The song, “Rings of Gold,” is a story of a person going through a divorce. The narrator talks about how he/she thought that the marriage will last forever. It’s such a tragic thing to break up with the person you thought that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. As I have mentioned there are numerous factors why people get divorced, one of which is when the trust you build between one another have been betrayed. Nobody wants to be betrayed. Therefore, just like the narrator in the song we can all feel the pain that he/she is going through. Divorce is not an easy thing to go through. It requires a lot of effort to overcome the pain of losing someone and finding yourself after years of being together.

The Lyrics

I remember when you said
With this ring I thee wed
Now you’ve gone betrayed my trust
Rings of gold have turned to rust
Tears may wash away the sin
Love that’s dead can live again
Knowing there’s no hope for us
Turns these rings of gold to rust
Plans we’ve made just yesterday
Sands of time have chipped away
Now they’ve crumbed into dust
Rings of gold have turned rust
Love before was clean and pure
Now no more can I be sure
You will not betray my trust
Rings of gold have turned to rust


Don Gibson, dottie west, Rings of Gold

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