April 11

Believe in Ricky Skagg’s “Somebody’s Prayin’” For You

From its release, they’ve heard countless stories from people about how the song brought them hope when they’re on the brink of hopelessness.

One notable story came from a lady who sent him a letter. He was performing at the Dollywood Theme Park at that time. Ricky Skaggs read the letter and the woman’s testimony was indeed amazing! Diagnosed with cancer, her doctors told her that it’s beyond cure. To self-soothe, she repeatedly listened to “Somebody’s Prayin'” day and night.

By the time she had to go back to the doctors, they were all amazed at the new discovery! Not a trace of cancer in her body! Grateful and delighted, she did not hesitate to share her story with Mr. Skaggs. So off she went to Dollywood with her grandchildren to meet him. Backstage, she showed him a copy of the doctor’s report. She prayed God for healing and the song gave her hope to keep believing. And what response can we expect from God? He did not disappoint her.

To honor her faith, he healed her completely.

“Somebody’s Praying for Me” by Ricky Skaggs

The Songwriter

Believe in Ricky Skagg’s “Somebody’s Prayin’” For You 1

John G. Elliot

He is a dear friend of Ricky Skaggs and a former worship leader in Belmont church in Nashville. Ricky heard his friend’s song and was moved by the lyrics. Soon, he included it in his own album, too.

As an accomplished songwriter, he won a Dove Award and was nominated for eight others. He also has co-written songs with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Paul Overstreet and Gloria Gaither. His songs appeared on hymnals and recorded by several artists like Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Carroll, Steve Green and Sandi Patti.

As a firm believer that his highest calling is to his family, John and his family left Nashville some time in the 90’s. They moved to Texas but were still all devoted to ministry.

Do you know other stories on how “Somebody’s Prayin'” has helped others? Share the story folks! We’re all ears.


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