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Rick Trevino’s Emergence as a Hispanic Country Music Singer

Rick Trevino's Emergence as a Hispanic Country Music Singer 1
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During the mid-1990s, Rick Trevino’s appearance in the limelight made him as one of the notable Hispanic singers of country music at the time. Freddy Fender and Johnny Rodriguez were among those of the same origin who first became popular in the mid-’70s. Their releases enjoyed favorable acceptance from the audience and still a favorite up to present. Since his career started in 1993, Trevino has charted 14 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Additionally, he recorded a total of eight studio albums. While the Mexican-American country singer is not as prominent as before, he continues to record and release songs. And, as Trevino is celebrating his 47th birthday today, let’s have a brief look back at his life and career.

Early Life and Career

On May 16, 1971, Ricardo Treviño, Jr. or professionally known as Rick Trevino was born. Having been born into a musical family, Trevino’s interest in music did not come as a surprise. During his childhood, he listened to a variety of music including Tejano, country, and pop/rock. Among his favorites were classical pianist Van Cliburn, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Additionally, his parents helped him nurture his musical talents at an early age. He took up classical piano lessons while at the same time studying the clarinet. Upon graduating from high school, he was offered a baseball scholarship to Memphis State University, which he turned down. His decision was influenced by his desire to study music instead.

His entry to the country music scene officially began in 1993 when he signed a contract with Columbia Nashville. On that same year, his debut single “Just Enough Rope” came out. The song was the first mainstream country music single that features English and Spanish language version separately. The single was included on his first album Dos Mundos. A year later, he released his self-titled album. In 1996, he scored first and only No. 1 song Running Out of Reasons to Run.” On that same year, Trevino also scored his second-highest charting single with “Learning As You Go.”

Listen to Rick Trevino’s “Learning As You Go” below.

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