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Richard Mulligan’s “I Never Met You” is Raw and Perfectly Traditional


Country music can come from anywhere. Just ask Richard Mulligan. Hailing from Ireland, this former international runner had just proved that it isn’t late to cash in on that dream and anyone can be a country star.

Richard Mulligan

It took a while for Mulligan to find his way into the country music scene. His talent for running had always taken the forefront, landing him an athletic scholarship to Providence College. It was there where he had won many races.

Richard Mulligan, Richard, Mulligan, I Never Met You, Traditional Country
via Richard Mulligan’s Official Facebook Page

Mulligan came from humble beginnings, and his life wasn’t all that easy. He was born in a baby home, and was only later in life did he reunite with his birth mother. These experiences were the core inspiration to the songs of his album. It includes the title track of his album which talks candidly about his father.

“I Never Met You”

The backing track of the song is quintessential traditional country music complete with amazing harmonica runs and an almost jolly upbeat piano tune. However, that is in stark contrast with the lyrics that Mulligan sings. He laments about a ‘father that he has never met.’

Richard Mulligan, Richard, Mulligan, I Never Met You, Traditional Country
via Richard Mulligan’s Official Facebook Page

His title track “I Never Met You” sings about how the singer never met his father, and how that affected him as a whole. The song’s honesty is its natural charm, coupled with Mulligan’s smooth vocals.

You can listen to his title track here!

The rest of Mulligan’s album is similar to this song. It’s straight up traditional country and listening to it takes you back a generation or a few, where this style was prominent in the country music genre. His lyrics tell a story that everyone can relate to. It almost reminds me of a more laid back Willie Nelson or a Merle Haggard, if you will.

Check out some of his songs here! Or you can visit his social media pages here.

Currently, he has his album out entitled ‘I Never Met You,’ which is on sale on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.


Country, I Never Met You, Richard Mulligan, Traditional Countr

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