March 19

Have You Ever Had the “There Won’t Be Anymore” Moments?

“There Won’t Be Anymore” by Charlie Rich

Don’t wait for the postman,
If you’re lookin for a letter from me.
There wont be anymore!
There wont be anymore!
And don’t sit by your telephone,
If you’re waitin on a call from me.
There wont be anymore!
There wont be anymore!

Falling in love is great, but falling out of love is really hurtful. Getting hurt does not mean that you should run at the first sign of trouble. It means after you have taken everything into account and reached “the enough is enough”, it is high time to move on.  “There Won’t Be Anymore” is the song that might just be for you.

A good deal of the pain we feel when a relationship ends has to do with the loss we perceive. That may be the idea behind “There Won’t Be Anymore”. That the girl lost someone special, and that the narrator’s presence isn’t easy to replace.

Background of the Artist

The road to stardom was not easy for Charlie Rich. Before the 11970’s, Rich had notched only two minor hits on the charts. On the brighter side, there was still a man who believed in him, Billy Sherrill. In 1968, Sherrill signed Charlie to Epic Records. However, as fate would have it, widespread acclaim was still five years in the future.

Finally, his big breakthrough came. Kenny O’Dell’s “Behind Closed Doors” propelled Charlie Rich to number 1 on April 28, 1973. Then, the super-smash “The Most Beautiful Girl” topped the charts. At the age of 41, after years of frustration, Charlie Rich had finally arrived, and in quite a spectacular fashion. It was then that one of his old labels developed an idea in which to capitalize on his newfound stardom.

History of “There Won’t Be Anymore”

For ten years or so, the Charlie Rich material that had rotten in the RCA vaults was about to be resurrected. The album had a new designed and package before its shipping. They selected “There Won’t Be Anymore” to be released as a single. By 1965, the old “Groove” label on which Charlie had been distributed all those years ago had disappeared for good. Now, his old recordings would be released under the official “RCA Victor” banner. “There Won’t Be Anymore” wasted no time climbing to #1 by March 9, 1974. For two weeks, it ruled the chart. He also re-recorded the song for the album “Very Special Songs”. The remake received a dash of radio airplay, but most stations chose to stick with the “hit” version—thten-year-old RCA original. Both versions were fairly similar. The primary difference was the types of licks provided by the different piano players—Floyd Cramer’s on RCA, and “Pig” Robbins’ on Epic.

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