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Unraveling the “Ribbon of Darkness”: Marty Robbins’ 11th No. 1 Hit

Unraveling the "Ribbon of Darkness": Marty Robbins' 11th No. 1 Hit 1

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What could be more mournful than to unravel a ribbon of darkness? Ribbon of darkness, what could it be?

Became popular for his hit songs “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife”, “Big Iron”, “Devil Woman”, and “El Paso”, Marty Robbins has created songs that appeal to the heart of every person. One of these songs is the “Ribbon of Darkness”.

Unlike his other chart-topping songs, he did not write Ribbon of Darkness. To note, it was the Canadian folk singer and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot who crafted this mournful tune about heartache and lost love. Because of the success, Robbins experienced with the song, Lightfoot earned the distinction as one of Canada’s greatest songwriters.

Lightfoot’s own version was released as single in 1965 and included in his 1966 debut album Lightfoot! Also, it appeared in his 1975 compilation album Gord’s Gold. The latter recording features the song in a medley with “I’m Not Sayin‘”, as does the live recording from Lightfoot’s 1969 Sunday Concert album.

Robbins and the ‘Ribbon of Darkness’

This Arizonan country singer released his rendition of Ribbon of Darkness as a single in 1965. Despite a number of artists covering this song, one cannot deny the fact that Robbins’ is still the most sought after and most recognizable of all.

Captivating as ever, Robbins was a skilled singer and an expert performer. He always knew how to entertain a crowd. In addition, he maintained eye contact with the crowd as he performs, twisting and swaying in his spot.

Ribbon of Darkness was Robbin’s eleventh number one on the US Country Singles chart. It spent one week at the top and a total of nineteen weeks on the chart.

There’s just something about Marty Robbins that touches everyone’s heart. As a singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and race car driver, Marty Robbins was more than just the total package. Furthermore, he is one of those whose musicality and craft in the country music world will forever be celebrated and cherished.

Oh how I wish your heart could see
How mine just aches and breaks all day
Come on home and take away
This ribbon of darkness over me…

Watch Marty Robbins sing Ribbon of Darkness.

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