September 5

Rhema Marvanne’s Rendition of Amazing Grace

If you are a little fed up with stories of Country stars chasing the limelight for fame and all their controversies, listening to Rhema’s countrified vocals will give you a breath of fresh air.

Rhema Marvanne’s Rendition of Amazing Grace 1

At age six, her mom died of ovarian cancer and to help ease her grief, Dad Voraritskul introduced Rhema to her mom’s favorite gospel song, ”Amazing Grace.” Surprised and delighted at the same time of his daughter’s talent, Voraritskul decided to record Rhema’s singing. He then posted it on YouTube and Rhema’s video performances went viral. The most renowned of course is her stellar version of “Amazing Grace” as seen in the following.


Her Mom as Inspiration

In remembrance of her mom Wendi, Rhema equated her as the personification of “Amazing Grace.

“My mother was amazing. And she had a lot of grace — in her, in her heart.”

Still young and innocent, it is refreshing to hear this dear child’s reason for why she loves singing. She says she could feel her mom’s presence close by every time she sings. It is this purity of intent that endeared her more to fans that follow her musical journey.

From her internet fame in 2009, Rhema had been performing on various events like field games, ceremonies, talent and talk shows. She also had recorded three albums namely Rhema Marvanne (2010), All Seasons, and Believe (2011)

Here’s another song inspiration from the third album. It’s called “I Thank God,” an original from Larry Randall and produced by David Howarth. Rhema was only 8 when she recorded this song and yet, she was able to deliver it with sophistication.

Though she does some mainstream songs on some of her performances, Rhema and Dad Teton Voraritskul, clearly, are on track for country gospel music. With our prayers and happy tears, let us hope she remains pure as she keeps on singing not out of self-conceit, but out of love for the Lord and her family.


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