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A Great Prize In “Reunion in Heaven” by Flatt and Scruggs

The old gospel song from 1950 by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, “Reunion in Heaven,” has a fleeting last verse. I heard it just once, and it is already occupying almost half of my heart.

I am longing to sit by the banks of the river,
There’s rest for the ones by the evergreen trees.
I am longing to look in the face of my Saviour,
And my loved ones who have gone, they are waiting for me.

If you are concerned about feeling out of place in heaven, do not. Heaven will seem more like home than your most favorite spot on earth. It is outstandingly designed by a tender, loving Savior to be the place where we will live together for all perpetuity and enjoy Him forever. What does Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs want to deliver in this song, then?

A Great Prize In “Reunion in Heaven” by Flatt and Scruggs 1

Does a “Reunion in Heaven” Happen?

When someone dies, they go to heaven, some go to hell, as some believe. Then, we have the idea of being reunited with our own families and loved ones. However, we will also see with the people of God of all ages. In heaven, we will all be one loving family. The massive size of the family will not matter in the immeasurable perfection of heaven. There will be many opportunities for close interactions with everyone, and our infinity will be spent in just that kind of amusing, endless fellowship.

Moreover, in heaven, we will love and know the love of innumerable souls we never met on earth. Some say we will meet our guardian angel, and all the choirs of angels. Therefore, acknowledging that deep sorrow at the death of loved ones is fitting. Nonetheless, it gives us reason to be pleased, because, in heaven, our loved ones are finally free of the many burdens that keep them from being happy in this life.

What is The Best Prize?

The apostle Paul once wrote to the Thessalonians. His purpose in writing was to comfort some who clearly thought their dying loved ones would miss the return of Jesus. He says,

“Comfort one another with these words.”

The comfort comes from the idea of a reunion. This comfort would mean nothing we could not even recognize one another. Ultimately, the reunion would mean less if we do not aim to reunite with Jesus, Himself. Paul’s promise that we will all be “together” forever infers that we shall recommence fellowship with all whom we have known. And, what better prize there is than to be reunited with our Creator.


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