August 31

Retracing the 2016 Kenny Chesney Concert that Ended with Cop Arrest

Concerts are great opportunities for fans to hear and watch their idols perform live. It is a moment where both the artists and fans celebrate their love for music. But, great concerts where happy memories are formed simply don’t happen all the time. There are instances where such live shows lead to tragedy.

One of the most recent disastrous concerts to date is Kenny Chesney’s 2016 performance in Pittsburgh. According to officials, over 2 dozen individuals were rushed to the hospital while several were arrested in and around Chesney’s Pittsburgh concert. The arrest charges included public intoxication, ticket robbery, trespassing, and small forms of assault. CBS Pittsburgh adds that underage drinking in the Heinz Field parking lots comprised 36 of the citations issued.

One of the officers who were in-charge of taking everything under control injured his thumb while he attempted to break up a fight. Cameron McLay, Pittsburgh Police Chief cited that due to the “incredible amount of alcohol being consumed by people, a lot of whom seem to have a hard time controlling it”, the number of arrests was quite low. He clarifies that the low number of arrests despite the number of people and amount of alcohol present during the event was a result of all the officers working hard to maintain peace and order without the need for more arrests.

Emergency medical service told reporters although there were around 99 patients during the concert, none of them sustained serious injuries. The unsightly turn out of Chesney’s 2016 concert brought up a similar incident that took place during his performance in the same state in 2013. That year, there was a greater number of arrests and injuries recorded. 73 people were arrested while 150 others were injured. Fights ensued left and right, and worst of all, the audience left huge piles of trash all over the area.

Perhaps a stricter control and regulation of alcohol could be one way to prevent such chaotic fights and irresponsible behavior to take place during events like this. Everybody has a license to party and have fun, just make sure to be responsible enough to clean up after your mess and respect your fellow audience.


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