April 12

Restless Heart Want Everyone Who Hears This Song To Cry

Four decades ago, five men were joined together to sing and record demos for a Nashville record producer. Little did they know then that they would have one of the most successful group careers in country music history. We are talking about the Restless Heart. We hope you still remember them. Restless Heart is a country music band established in 1984. Most of their songs appear in various music charts. Today, we will hear one of their hearty songs “I Want Everyone To Cry”.

Although only producing seven studio albums, four turned into gold records. While releasing thirty-one singles, eight reached the top spot in the country music charts. In addition, Restless Heart had numerous awards throughout the industry, which includes the prestigious Academy of Country Music’s Top Vocal Group trophy. With three members of the band hailing from the state of Oklahoma, they were inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

Restless Heart Want Everyone Who Hears This Song To Cry 1

Through the Lyrics of “I Want Everyone To Cry”

Wouldn’t it be great if the entire world were as sad as you are while going through a rough time? That is the concept of Restless Heart’s “I Want Everyone To Cry”. A song penned by Wood Newton and Michael Noble, this song makes the Restless Heart selfish in our sights. The song was the group’s second top ten Country hit. It talks about a man asking for help after her woman left him. He hopes that the whole world helping would make him forget and get over her. Moreover, He demands the world not to tell him what to do because he has tried so much yet he still cannot move on. So, he wants everyone to cry with him. Is it that selfish? Would you cry with him for the woman who left him? Hold that thought for now and allow us to share some fun facts about crying.

Did you know that humans are the only animals that shed tears for emotional reasons? Men cry an average of once a month compared to women who really cry more. Yes, two to five times a month on average. No wonder, the guy in the song really must have hit rock bottom so he is hysterically asking for unreasonable things. He only cries once a month and that to him already seems like an endless suffering. Well, it is not bad to help, right?

Except that the tune of the song would make you sing longer than cry. Click the video below and listen to Restless Heart’s “I Want Everyone To Cry”.


Restless Heart

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