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Do You Remember Doug Supernaw?

Do You Remember Doug Supernaw? 1

Some stars do fall sometimes

Traditional country fanatics probably knew this man who rose in the limelight back in the 90’s. He had few big hits in the country radio, and his songs were some of the biggest from Texas influenced era. This day, some of his songs are still being played but he barely perform on stage already.  This country star was one of the hottest names during the highlight of cowboy hats and boots. He have strong traditional country hits such as “I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” “Reno,” and “Not Enough Hours in the Night”. And I guess, you already have a name for the person I’m refering to, and that is Doug Supernaw.

Doug once had a bright future in country music. He received a Song of the Year nomination for “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” from the ACM’s in 1996. But just as what happens to country artists, Doug began living out the stories of his songs and he dropped out of the fold, and hard. His career slowly deteriorated because of too much alcohol dependence. Though he tried to redeem his stardom, his hits did not marked the charts like it did before.

It’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you stand

Doug’s vocabulary don’t have the word, “surrender” . Having been absent from the country music scene for nearly 20 years, he continues to strive to emerge from his troubled past. In 2016 Supernaw was inducted into the CMA of Texas Hall Of Fame, and on April, the once major country music star released a Greatest Hits album of new versions of his older tunes, as well as two new songs, “Here’s My Heart” and “The Company I Keep.”

“Reno” remains to be one of Doug’s signature song.  The song, released in May 1993, is his second single from his album Red and the Rio Grande. It peaked at number 4 in the United States, and number 12 in Canada. It became his first top five hit, as well as his first top ten hit.

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Doug Supernaw, Reno

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