December 27

Remembering Sheila Andrews

On December 26, 1984, American country singer Sheila Andrews bid the music industry farewell after she suffered a fatal heart attack and succumbed to her death. She was only 31 years old then, she was only about four months away from celebrating her 32nd birthday.

When she was still alive, the Alabama-native singer recorded and released a total of three studio albums and several singles. She was signed to the record label, Ovation.

Her songs made it to the Billboard Hot Country Songs, and her most famous works include It Don’t Get Better Than This.

Before she became a famous country singer, she and her family moved to Akron, Ohio. Then, Andrews got married at the tender age of 16. Four children became the fruit of her marriage, although it ended up in divorce years later. When she turned 23, Sheila started singing in nightclubs, and her second husband encouraged her to move to Nashville and pursue a career in music.

In Nashville, all the people who listened to Sheila Andrews’ tape noted the distinctiveness of her voice. Because her vocals had a unique and soulful ring to it, people often exclaimed that she sounded so different from other singers. In an interview, Andrews revealed that the uniqueness of her voice stems from a surgery she previously had which involved the removal of a tumor from her thyroid. Following her surgery, she was told by her doctors to keep from speaking aloud or singing for a year. When she tried singing, she discovered that her vocals had gone three or four octaves lower than her usual singing voice. She also sounded as though she had a cold whenever she spoke during normal conversations.

As such, the feedback gave Sheila mixed feelings about her voice.

Sheila Andrews officially began her recording career after she met with producer Brien Fisher, who worked under Ovation Records. She released her very first album, Love Me Like A Woman on October 10, 1979, followed by Lovesick on September 22, 1980, and Crystal Tears on 1982 under a different label, Brylen. Among the singles that Sheila Andrews is widely known for are Too Fast for Rapid City, Love Me Like A Woman, What I Had With You, I Gotta Get Back The Feeling, Where Could You Take Me, Maybe I Should Have Been Listening and It Don’t Get Better Than This.

Listen to and reminisce some of her greatest songs below:


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