March 14

Underwood Sings for the Route 91 Mass Shooting Victims

We are a family.

Labels like country artists, country songwriters, country fans, traditionalists or progressives – they don’t matter.

We’re all into country music and there’s no point drawing hedges and divides over preferences. For years, it has been the ultimate expression of our pride as a nation. Yet, if that would not suffice, perhaps we can let our common love for our country and God be our unifying force.

The last year of October, we were left in much despair for the tragic shooting that killed 50 people and injured many. What was supposed to be a night of fun became a nightmare for many. It was traumatic for everybody involved and the whole nation was in deep shock. Have we? Painful as it is, we’ll have to.

 Time has passed, but the heartache of not seeing a family or a friend still stings. So gradually, we’ll help each other heal.

And now, part of healing, let’s remember our peers in this touching tribute song as sung by Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Underwood in “Softly and Tenderly”

Carrie Underwood –the Perfect Choice to Deliver the Tribute

Reportedly, she could not help but choke while singing as she fights backs the tears. Since her days in American Idol, we’re not privy to her stardom. We’ve seen her grow before our eyes- both as a woman and an artist. But there’s more behind the scenes of glitz and glamour.

She was a woman of faith and she sings with her heart. Fearlessly, she sang and released songs that would not be considered profitable by record companies. She and her husband, Mike Fisher were outspoken about their Christian identity.

Of course, nobody’s without fault. Still, she’s one among the authentic Christ-professing singers. She has our respect and we’re grateful for the memorial song she rendered.


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