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Remembering Priscilla Mitchell And Roy Drusky With “Together Again” and “Yes, Mr. Peters”

Remembering Priscilla Mitchell And Roy Drusky With “Together Again” and "Yes, Mr. Peters" 1

Remembering one of the most successful duos, the soulful country artists in history, Priscilla Mitchell and Roy Drusky with their song “Together Again” and their most successful hit “Yes, Mr. Peters”.

Mitchell’s Early Life…

Priscilla Hubbard or Sadina on her younger days known Priscilla Mitchell, the name she used professionally as a country singer. In her teens, she sang country songs as a member of several groups. She also sang rock and roll music and became a background singer for NRC Records where she met Jerry Reed, a young musician, and her husband. The two worked together at Capitol Records in Atlanta as session performers.

Drusky’s Early Life…

Born as Roy Frank Drusky, Jr., a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a son of a church organist. When Drusky was still a child, his mother tried to get him to the music industry but Drusky focused more on sports. After he was declined by the baseball Cleveland Indians, he then decided to cross the threshold of music. He mostly performed in Decatur, Georgia on a radio station. Drusky also played country music with his band “Southern Ranch Boys”, which he founded.

Furthermore, Drusky also worked as a disc jockey. In 1953 he signed with Starday Records which produced his first single “Such a Fool”. That same year, he joined the Grand Ole Opry. A couple of years later, he recorded for Columbia Records, but none of his work gained much success.

Mitchell and Drusky’s Collaboration…

Drusky is doing great in his musical career, he had done several hits that topped the country charts while Mitchell slows down a bit. Mitchell joined her husband touring as a backing vocalist and keyboard player but their destiny was to be singing together. With this, both collaborated to produce songs such as “Yes, Mr. Peters”, “Together Again”, “Slippin’ Around”, “Love’s Eternal Triangle”, and “I’ll Never Tell On You”. Their duo has been recognized and loved by the country music enthusiasts all around the globe.

Mitchell and Drusky’s Most Successful Hit…

“Yes, Mr. Peters” was Mitchell and Drusky’s most successful hit all throughout their career. It became their signature song. The hit was written by Steve Karliski and Larry Kolber and was released in 1965 as the lead single from the album “Love’s Eternal Triangle”. The single was Mitchell and Drusky’s only No.1 hit and spent two weeks on country charts.

In 1966, both recorded the song “Together Again” which crossed over top 20 but only at No.14.


On September 23, 2004, Drusky died at age 74 from complications stemming from lung cancer, which he fought for several years.

Moreover, Mitchell died on September 24, 2014, following a short illness, six days after her 73rd birthday.


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Priscilla Mitchell, Roy Drusky

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