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Remembering Faron Young and His ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’ Advice

‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’ was Young’s first number one song and his fifth successive top ten hit. In 1955, it spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard country music charts. Faron Young described the song as a tune he detested. Ken Nelson, still, made him record the song and luckily became a big hit.

Remembering Faron Young and His ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’ Advice 1

More About The ‘Singing Sheriff’, Faron Young

Originally known as ‘the Hillbilly Heartthrob’, Faron Young had one of the longest-running and most popular careers in country music history. Rising in the early ’50s, he was one of the most popular honky tonks to show in the wake of Hank Williams. No doubt, he was able to smooth out some of the bravest elements of his music. Young recorded a long thread of hits beginning in the 1950s. These include, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘It’s Four in the Morning’, ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’, and ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’. He was one of the first big stars to bring kindness to Willie Nelson when he cut ‘Hello Walls’. Also, he gave a helping hand to a number of other stars when they were struggling novices, including Kris Kristofferson, Roger Miller, and Johnny Paycheck.

Occasionally, Young also worked as an actor, appearing in Hidden Guns and Daniel Boone. Following this role, Young’s singles consistently charted for more than 30 years. He also founded a country music fan journal called Music City News. His other business holdings included a booking agency, book and music publishers, real estate and a race track. Friends and acquaintances always anticipated the unexpected from Faron Young. But, nobody expected him to put a .38 caliber pistol to his temple and pull the trigger.

His First Number 1 Hit, ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’

This is a song truly tells the story of a young man that knows life is to be enjoyed. The man has to do his best to hurry as much into his life as he can before he dies.

Above all, this song reminds us of one of the greatest country legends, Faron Young. One, a talented, flashy performer and generous man who helped the community and struggling songwriters and artists. In addition, one who helped country music by establishing the long-running magazine Music City News. Thanks to his wit. His love for country music song is resounding as his line goes,

“I want to live fast, love hard, die young, and leave a beautiful memory.”




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