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Rekindling Connections: “Somewhere Other Than the Night” by Brooks


Rekindling Connections: "Somewhere Other Than the Night” by Brooks 1

Garth Brooks has always mentioned his mother and his first wife for being stimulation for some of his songs.

Deeply respecting passionate and classy women, the song “Somewhere Other Than The Night” outlines Brooks singing to himself and other men.

It expresses about what women need more from the men in their lives than just what happens during the night time.

The Song’s Compliments

Brooks was a co-writer of the song. He wrote it together with Kent Blazy. It was released in October 1992 as the second single from his album The Chase and his fifteenth overall. It reached no. 1 in the Canada Country Tracks and US Hot Country Songs from 1992-1993. The song brought Garth back to the top ten after his previous single “We Shall Be Free”. Billboard magazine appraised the song constructively, calling it “a ballad to behold.”  Brooks sang it strongly and intensely, conveying a glimpse into one relationship and sets it out as an example.

Backstories of the Writers

The story behind how Brooks and Blazy wrote the song make it much better. In one of Blazy’s backstage performance of the song, he talked about great stories about Garth. He recalled the day they Garth went to his house and that usually he’ll come in and he already has an idea of a chorus or something else. That day was different knowing Garth didn’t have anything in mind. In order to set their moods, they decided to go to the backyard and play Frisbee with Blazy’s Labrador which Brooks really loved. After which, they sat down and started talking about women for almost three hours.

They finally got to a point and realize that they wanted to write something sexy this time. It was when Kent opened about watching an Oprah episode discussing how women turn their men on. One of the women who shared said she wraps herself with saran and when she and her husband comes home they’d be naked. The husband then would see the saran wraps with his wife’s hope that he’d be turned on. That’s where they came up with something else that sounds sexy, like an apron. Then arose the line,

But she’d been waitin’ for this day for oh so long 
She was standin’ in the kitchen with nothin’ but her apron on 
And in disbelief he stood and he stared a while 
When their eyes met, they both began to smile .

Blazy ended the story humorously telling his audience that one main thing he can say about the song is “it supposedly helps to sell aprons.”

The Message Behind

It puts some sense in rekindling connections, especially for a husband to make sure he still looks beyond his wife’s beauty. That we need unceasing appreciation from our partners to spice up happy relationships. Brooks’ purpose of the song is to reach out and touch the heartstrings of women.

Let’s hear and feel the song’s true message.



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