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Ricky Van Shelton’s Inspiring Ballad “Keep it Between the Lines”


Ricky Van Shelton’s Inspiring Ballad “Keep it Between the Lines” 1
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“Keep it Between the Lines” is a song that depicts a good relationship between a father and a son. The lyrics say it all up to the end and it, without a doubt, can pierce your hearts. As you listen, the melody perfectly matches with the lyrics can touch your souls, too. The song is more inspiring with the voice of Ricky Van Shelton.

Moreover, the song is truly inspirational. It motivates every father to have a better relationship with their sons. On the other note, sons will realize how lucky they are to have their fathers on their side to support and guide them. Listen for it will remind you of your childhood with your dads.

Keep it Between the Lines…

Russell Smith and Kathy Louvin pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Keep it Between the Lines.” Ricky Van Shelton recorded and released the song on July 11, 1991. The song was part of his album “Backroads.” The album also includes his four other top charting singles. These are “Backroads,” “After the Lights Go Out,” “Rockin’ Years,” and “I am a Simple Man.”

Furthermore, “Keep it Between the Lines” became Ricky Van Shelton’s final number one single on the country charts. It reached at number one position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on October 12, 1991.

Ricky Van Shelton’s Inspiring Ballad “Keep it Between the Lines” 2
Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Ricky Van Shelton rose to prominence from 1986 to 2006. He has released numerous songs and platinum albums. All in all, he has a total of ten number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

In 2006, Ricky Van Shelton retired from recording music and touring to focus and spend time with his family. His decision shocked his supporters. Nevertheless, he left us with excellent country music to keep remembering his work of arts.

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