September 20

Reflect Again with “Sunday in the South” by Shenandoah

Given that many of today’s songs speak boldly of immorality such as promiscuity, infidelity, all-night partying and drunkenness, we need a breather by rummaging through the best of songs from the yesteryears. Today’s pick is Sunday in the South by Shenandoah. Like many of their songs, it is one that stresses heavily on Southern values particularly on faith and family. Enjoy both the music and the thought!


Did it bring back good memories? It sure did to me. I am not from the South of US, but once in my youth, I was surrounded by good town folks. In their various little ways, they have ingrained in me a valuable life lesson; that a quality life is one that is not entangled with the allure of materialism and compromises.

Guess that could be Shenandoah’s magic all these years. They’re the kind of band that is not all about looks and image. Since the late 80s, they have been releasing well-crafted music. Alanah Nash, a journalist, and biographer said the following about their music style:

“..forged its very commercial reputation on a soulful gospel-and-bluegrass blend, with lead singer Marty Raybon’s searing sincerity making even the tritest songs about small-town Southern values and attitudes memorable.”

In other words, good music never goes out of style.


Released in May 1989, it peaked at #1 on both US Billboard and Canada Country Tracks.

“Another sacred Sunday coming down”

Borrowing from the lyrics, the song highlights how people treat Sunday as a sacred day. Though he did not write the song himself, the details and description must have brought Marty Raybon memories in his youth. Hence, he did not let the opportunity for recording passed by. It means a lot to him that he frequently sings it on stage performances with an emphasis on how “sweet” and “how he misses those Sundays.”


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