Redneck Woman” is an awesome single given to us by the one and only Gretchen Wilson, and this song paints an awesome dream girl for cowboys.

Written and performed by Gretchen Wilson and released back in March of 2004, this song has become one of, if not, the most known songs from her.

redneck woman

via Gretchen Wilson’s Facebook page

“Redneck Woman” is Strangely An Empowering Song

Other than being an astounding song that brings out the “rock” in country rock and roll, the song paints a picture of an awesome girl that many country boys may not mind spending their lives with.

Other than that, in a bizarre way, the song is also weirdly empowering for women. The song doesn’t talk about a dainty girl or one that needs to look a certain way. Instead, the song encourages women to be comfortable and just live life like they want to.

We have lyrics that discourage vanity and unneeded spending and encourage comfort and practicality like:

“Victoria’s Secret well their stuff’s real nice oh but I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half price.”

Of course, if any of y’all love Victoria’s Secret merchandise, then there isn’t really anything wrong with that. However, the message of this verse is more of taking what’s comfortable for you and not what satisfies others.

The song’s message isn’t just targeted at one demographic, however, with lyrics like:

“I am who I am with no apologies”

That doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to just redneck women.

The “Redneck Woman” in Many Ways, Describes the Perfect Girl for a Country Boy

Overall, the song is a song of empowerment for strong redneck women, though it isn’t just for the rednecks. Heck, y’all don’t even have to be a “Redneck Woman” in public, if you are one behind closed doors that’s just as good.

Point is, country boys will love country girls, so don’t be ashamed to show of being a “Redneck Woman” and be as awesome as you want to be.

Here’s the video: