March 20, 2018

Redd Stewart’s “Soldier’s Last Letter”: A tragic Song

Redd Stewart's "Soldier's Last Letter": A tragic Song 1

The war has killed millions of soldiers in the past. A painful story heard from families who just wanted to see their loved ones but had no choice than to wait at home hoping that nothing bad will happen. The war is always a dreadful and terrible thing.

Soldier’s Last Letter” By Redd Stewart

Soldier’s Last Letter” was written by Redd Stewart in 1944. The song “A Soldier’s Last Letter” was Stewart’s tribute to fallen soldiers from World War II. Stewart served in the war as a US Army Sergeant during the war. For a young boy to witness all the suffering and tragedy of the war, Stewart’s way to honor the fallen soldiers is through his song. A story of a young boy in the war and a mother waiting for her son. Stewart chose Ernest Tubb to record his song in 1944 while he was still serving in the South Pacific.

Tubb’s recording top the charts for four weeks and cross over to the Pop charts.

Louvin Brothers and Merle Haggard’s Version

In 1962, the Louvin Brothers covered the song and included it in their album Weapon of Prayer. This was during the Vietnam War. The song rises again to the top of the charts, as the song truly pictures the pain the war has caused to millions of people.

Merle Haggard’s version peaked at No. 3 in the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs in 1971. He included the song in his album, Hag.

The Song’s Content

The war has caused tremendous pain and heartache, not only to the people involved in the war, but also the families of the soldiers serving the war. Waiting for the person you love to come home is a constant agony. Not knowing if you will ever see them again.

This song from Stewart best describes the pain of a mother waiting for her son to come home. She received a letter, hoping to hear the good news. Words are written that will make you cry and feel the pain of the mother. Without finishing his letter, no name is written on it, the ending of the song is tragic. The mother knew that her son is gone. All the mother can do was pray. She prayed to God to protect the soldiers fighting the war. War truly does nothing good to mankind.


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