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Red Simpson Tells The Other Side Of The Story in “I’m A Truck”

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Truck-driving songs is another subgenre of country music. Most of the songs written are stories about life on the road as a truck driver. The beat is catchy and fun.

“I’m A Truck”

I’m A Truck” was performed by Red Simpson, in 1971. The song peaked at No. 4 in the U.S. Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and remained for 17 weeks on the top of the charts. “I’m A Truck” was written by Bob Stanton. Simpson’s was best known because of this song.

Most truck-themed songs are stories of truck drivers on the road, traveling for a living, but Simpson’s “I’m A Truck” has a different twist. This time the narrator of the story is not a truck driver but the truck itself. The truck talked about how he is underappreciated by the truck driver and blames him if anything goes wrong. He even mentioned that every time something good happens all the credit goes to the truck driver. Does it sound familiar? Like in real life, you did everything but the credit goes to others. The truck also talked about how the truck driver brags and flirts and just left him beside a cattle truck. Poor truck underappreciated despite all its effort.

As they said there is always two sides of the story, and when it comes to truck-themed songs which are mostly that of the truck drivers, this time Simpson allowed us to hear the side of the truck who also works hard.

About Red Simpson

John Simpson known as Red Simpson is best known for his truck-themed songs. He started writing songs when he was 14 years old. He said his first song was written for their chickens in their home, “Chicken House Boogie.” He started writing truck driving songs in 1962 with Cliffie Stone. Furthermore in the mid-60’s Simpson started recording truck-themed songs under Capitol Records.

His first two songs to peak the charts were “Roll Truck Roll” and “The Highway Patrol.” Despite his success as a singer, Simpson concentrated on writing songs. In 1971, Simpson returned on recording songs, by that time he recorded his song “I’m A Truck” which gained him more recognition. The songs were written by Bob Stanton.

In 1979, Simpson’s last song to enter the charts was “The Flying Saucer Man And The Truck Driver.” It peaked at No. 99 on the charts.

During the 80’s he was diagnosed with cancer, underwent surgery and recovered. After his recovery, he still continued to write and perform. Until last 2016 when he died of heart attack in Bakersfield.


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