August 25

The Time Reba McEntire’s Red Dress Shocked the Country World, Upstaged Linda Davis

It’s that time of awards once again, and we are not stopping to bring back nostalgic memories particularly when Reba McEntire and her low-cut red dress that became the mother of controversy way back in 1993.

Reba McEntire, Linda Davis, Does He Love You

Before the red dress debate, Reba McEntire almost did not record the song with Linda Davis. Way back then, she was encouraged to duet with Wynona Judd. Reba then sent a demo to Wynonna Judd but did not hear back. The duet eventually went to Reba McEntire and Linda Davis.

During this performance, the world was stunned to see a Reba McEntire with the dress that’s almost revealing everything but knowing Reba McEntire and the icon that she is, she carried on and delivered a magnificent performance.

Watch the video below:


“Does He Love You” Lyrics (with Linda Davis)

I’ve known about you for a while now
When he leaves me he wears a smile now
As soon as he’s away from me
In your arms is where he wants to be

But you’re the one he rushes home to
You’re the one he gave his name to
I never see his face in the early morning light
You have his mornings, his daytimes
And sometimes I have his nights

But does he love you (does he love you)
Like he loves me (like he loves me)
Does he think of you (does he think of you)
When he’s holding me
And does he whisper (does he whisper) all of his fantasies
Does he love you (does he love you) like he’s been lovin’ me

But when he’s with me, he says he needs me
And that he wants me, that he believes in me

And when I’m in his arms, oh he swears there’s no one else
Is he deceiving me, or am I deceiving myself?



does he love you, Linda Davis, Reba McEntire, red dress

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