April 18

Reba Offers Her Heart in Her Song “Till You Love Me”

The sunlight, the moonlight
Are beyond my control
And there are stars in the heavens
That I’ll never hold
But if dreams give you power
Then I’m strong enough to offer my heart
And never give up till you love me
Till you love me…

Reba Offers Her Heart in Her Song "Till You Love Me" 1
Reba McEntire (Photo by nashvillegab.com)

The Queen of Country, Reba McEntire, is simply known for her songs that touch people’s hearts. The dynamics of her voice suits every genre of music she sings. Also, her songs appeal to the ears of any age. From gospel songs to country to love hits, Reba is one huge hit performer.

Till You Love Me” is another song of hers that I personally liked when I watched it on Youtube. Her live performance was beyond amazing. That night was her night, and she deserved the crowd’s applause. Before watching the video, I did not know about the song, its melody, its lyrics. I certainly had no idea what the song was. Until Reba opened her mouth and started singing, I was moved by it, and eventually got hooked on its words. It was then I knew the song was all about dreaming to be loved.

“Till You Love Me”: Reba’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100

Prior to the recording of this song, Reba’s songs have had not entered the Billboard Hot 100. Not until “Till You Love Me.” This song ranked 78 in 1995.

Performed by Reba McEntire in 1994, songwriters Bob DiPiero and Gary Burr wrote this song. “Till You Love Me” was the third single from Reba’s album, Read My Mind. To note, it reached no. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in February 1995.

Sacrificing for love

“Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the truest type of love.” (Anonymous)

A true statement that has withstood circumstances and been witnessed by most. The need for sacrifices and compromises in love is very common. More often than not, romantic love starts with an unrequited love. One starts building an affection to the other while the other is still yet to find what he/she truly feels.

With the love building up from the other, he/she begins to sacrifice almost everything — time, money, effort — just to be noticed and more importantly, for his/her love to be reciprocated.

Well, I guess this is true for most people who are in the same case. In any case, all we want is for our love to be given back. In this song, the sunlight and the moonlight are beyond her control but still, she is ready to sacrifice anything until he loves her. I guess, this is one of the powers of love. It has the ability to make one, who is feeling it, change into a better form of himself/herself.

With this power of love, I think it is right for us to change for the better even without being romantically in love. To sacrifice for romantic love is great, but to sacrifice for unconditional love is even greater.

Watch Reba McEntire perform “Till You Love Me” live.

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Reba McEntire, Till You Love Me

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