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Reba Flaunts Iconic Red Dress in a Stunning Duet with Kelly Clarkson

It is never unknown to everybody that Kelly Clarkson is kind of related to country music superstar Reba McEntire. Indeed, the latter was once married to Narvel Blackstock, who happens to be the father of Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson’s husband. It is quite a bit confusing but yeah, that’s how small the entertainment industry is. Truth be told, there are many other artists who are connected with one another in different ways. But that is another topic for another article.

Clarkson may not be an active country music singer but she deeply roots the beginning of her career in country music. In fact, she grew up singing and listening to the genre. She even revealed that the country music is very close to her heart. And to note, one of her songs, “Because of You,” was rendered by McEntire to country music. In addition, her collaboration with Jason Aldean in “Don’t You Wanna Stay” was noteworthy.

Going back to Clarkson and McEntire (who consider themselves as a family), they performed at the 2018 ACM Awards with a flashback of McEntire’s hit song. More than that, McEntire even recollected the memory she had at the 1994 ACM Show when she wore the iconic red dress. She performed “Does He Love You” with Linda Davis back then. Now, this memory was resurrected with her wearing the same dress but with Clarkson on the other side of the vocals.

Posted by Reba McEntire on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Posted by Kelly Clarkson on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

McEntire & Clarkson Perform “Does He Love You”

Prior to the ACM Awards, they revealed that some artists would pair up for “ACM Flashbacks” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of country songs released in 1993. Surprisingly, it was actually Clarkson and McEntire who would be doing a tribute singing the latter’s hit. To add a surprise, McEntire wore that same red dress she had worn in a duet with Linda Davis before.

Moreover, the two artists sang “Does He Love You.” It is a song from the perspectives of a wife and her husband’s mistress. In addition, the song has made the two women questioning who the man truly loves. With every exchange of lines, the song is an intense battle between the two.

To note, this was not the first time that McEntire and Clarkson shared the same stage for “Does He Love You.” The two have been singing it together for years. And, their rendition has always drawn cheers from the crowd.

Watch the two artists’ impeccable duet with Reba re-wearing her iconic red dress:


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