July 10

“Oh, How I Love Jesus”: A Classic Hymn by Reba McEntire

reba mcentire oh how i love Jesus

Love is a beautiful thing. Everybody wants to feel it and wants someone to love them back, but do you know what the greatest love of all is? It’s the love of Jesus. His love cannot be compared to any love story you may know. Jesus’ love is the perfect love of all.

Proof that Jesus Love Us

Do you want to know how Jesus loves us? Jesus did many things to show us how much He loves us. Sometimes we are just blind to see what is important. The first thing Jesus did to show us His love is by healing the sick. Jesus goes around not only spreading the Word but He also healed thousands of people who go to Him. He never rejects anyone. That’s how much Jesus loves us. Another love we received from Jesus is when he fed five thousand people. Third, Jesus spread the Word because He wants us to repent and enter the Kingdom of His Father. Last, but not the least is when Jesus died in order to save our souls. That is how much Jesus loves us, and no one can do what Jesus did. His love is forever. Therefore, let us never forget to return the love of Jesus by praising Him and thanking Him.

Reba McEntire’s Gospel Album

Reba McEntire covered the classical Christian hymn “Oh, How I Love Jesus” for her album Sing It Now: Songs of Faith and Hope in 2017. She shared her excitement about the album on her Facebook page. Reba’s album peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Top Country Album. In addition, the album peaked at No. 1 on the US Christian AlbumsThe song “Oh, How I Love Jesus” is the second track on her album. Frederick Whitfield wrote the song in 1855.

The Song’s Content

“Oh, How I Love Jesus” is a song that praises Jesus for all the things He has done for us. In return, the narrator loves Jesus because He died for us. Furthermore, without Jesus, we will never know the meaning of love.

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