October 16

Reba McEntire Singing Her First #1 Hit is a Joy to Watch


Undoubtedly, Reba McEntire is one of the most celebrated and beloved artists of her time. Tracing back her humble beginnings, she was discovered at a rodeo in 1974. Just a year later, she had a record deal with Mercury Records. Many albums were released following her discovery.

In 1977, she released her first ever album with Mercury and five more followed until 1983. One of those incredible albums was Unlimited, which contains a number of her hit records. It was released in 1982.

Unlimited & “Can’t Even Get the Blues”

As mentioned earlier, her 1982 album Unlimited contained her very first number one song – “Can’t Even Get the Blues.” Immediately after the song hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, Reba was performing a televised show. She then took the opportunity and talked to her audience.

Then, she started some insights she had had when she first entered the country music industry and then some.

“When we first got into the music business, there were a few things we were looking for, but number one was a number one record. Now that was seven years ago…and last December we found out we were gonna get one.”

She then continued and asked the audience:

“We were thrilled to death thanks to y’all, but you know, since this song has gone number one, do y’all know what?”

The audience was fast to respond and said, “What?”

With a lot of sass, Reba exclaimed:

“We can’t even get the blues a-no more!”

And then she proceeded to bring on the beat and performed her number one song. “Can’t Even Get the Blues” was all about a break-up of a couple but it was the song that formed Reba’s heart and soul into singing more for her fans. With Reba introducing and singing the song, we couldn’t help but be all smiles with her.

Check out her here and be amazed by her performance of “Can’t Even Get the Blues:”

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