December 27

Reba McEntire Gives It All “Back to God ” with a Heart-Wrenching Song

Back to God

Reba McEntire renews our devotion with her stunning country gospel single aptly titled “Back to God.” In the spirit of the new year, it is but just to go back to the teachings of the Lord.

In the first verses, Reba sang about the problems that we face. Some, in our everyday life, others who are about to be stricken by tragedy. There is the embodiment of the fear and the pain that we might have felt at some point in our lives.

Check out the lyrics here:

Oh, have you looked around
Have you heard the sound
Of Mama’s cryin’
Or do you turn away
When you see the face
Of the innocent dyin’
In these darkest days
Are you not afraid
That it’s too late

But as the song “Back to God” progresses, Reba narrates what we should do about it. We should go back and talk to the Lord our Creator. We should get down on our knees and pray. Check out the lyrics here:

You gotta get down on your knees, believe
Fold your hands and beg and plead
Gotta keep on praying
You gotta cry, rain tears of pain
Pound the floor and scream His name
‘Cause we’re still worth saving
Can’t go on like this and live like this
We can’t love like this
We gotta give this world back to God

Listen to the touching song here!

Critical Reception

“Back to God” was released as the second single from her hit album “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.” It was originally written by Randy Houser but when he did not release it, Reba thought that she might be able to record the album for herself. 

The song did marvelous in the charts. It reached its peak at No. 1 at the Billboard US Christian Songs. It also reached No. 11 at the Billboard US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles. The song also reached the Billboard US Country Airplay charts at no. 41.


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