September 28

Brooks & Dunn with Reba for Spellbinding “If You See Him”

Let’s talk about unexpected collaborations that turn out really good. Reba McEntire has spent a really good amount of time touring with Brooks & Dunn and the result was a great viewing experience. These three country artists have been great friends for a long time and just like every other artist, friendship blossoms through a collaborative song. For Reba and Brooks & Dunn, this song starts with the song entitled “If You See Him/If You See Her” and it was an excellent way of narrating sentiments of two lovers to their common friend. Who would have thought?

If You See Him/If You See Her, Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn

If You See Him/If You See Her was released on April 27, 1998, and It served as the title track to each artist’s respective 1998 albums If You See Him for Reba, and If You See Her for Brooks & Dunn, both released on June 2 of that year. The song was concurrently promoted and distributed by both artists’ labels: MCA Nashville and Arista Nashville, then the respective labels for McEntire and Brooks & Dunn. It is the only single to feature both Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn on vocals.

It is a ballad, alternating McEntire’s vocals with those of Ronnie Dunn (one half of the duo), while Kix Brooks (the other half) provides harmony vocals on the verses sung by Dunn. McEntire and Brooks & Dunn debuted the song at the Academy of Country Music awards in 1998.

This is one of the live performances that Reba and Brooks and Dunn produced. Watch the video below and enjoy this trio’s great rendition:

If You See Him / If You See Her

If you see him
Tell him I wish him well
How am I doing?
Well, sometimes is hard to tell
I still miss him more than ever
But please don’t say a word
If you see him
If you see him

If you see her
Tell her I’m doing fine
And if you want to
Say that I think of her from time to time
Ask her if she ever wonders
Where we both went wrong
If you see her
If you see her

I still want her
I still need him so
I don’t know why we let each other go


Brooks & Dunn, Reba McEntire

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