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A Song of Faith, “There is A Reason” by Alison Krauss

A Song of Faith, “There is A Reason” by Alison Krauss 1

The Song In Brief

“There is a Reason” is a spiritual song written by Ronald Block. Alison Krauss recorded it for the album So Long So Wrong that was released in 1997. The bluegrass singer also had a version of the song with backup band Union Station.

Immersing on the Lyrics

The song basically talks about trials and challenges encountered in life and one’s belief that there’s a reason for all of these.

It starts off with a verse that speaks of suffering. It is then followed by a line that expresses the narrator’s trust in Jesus as a Savior. But such trust is sometimes weakened by worldly influence. The third and fourth stanzas both describe how the saddening situations she encounters bring her to God for relief. Specifically, the former tells of her acceptance of God’s greatest love as the reason He sent His only son to die on the cross for our sins. On the other hand, the latter confirms her feebleness, giving in easily to the temptations of the world. The song has a beautiful ending though. It settles her faith in the unconditional love of God behind all the pains she endures in life. Moreover, it asks for further refinement of her disbelief.

In all the things that cause me pain, You give me eyes to see

I do believe but help my unbelief

I’ve seen hard times and I’ve been told

There is a reason for it all

Reflecting on the Message

We are born to a world full of it – suffering. And whether we like it or not, we will suffer as we sail through our life’s journey. The sufferings that each person goes through differ from one another in terms of nature, intensity, quantity and the like. But regardless of those variations, the fact that all of us suffer, remains the same. Also, the way we face and handle our sufferings shows a great deal about our spiritual attitude. For the weak-hearted ones, they’ll view these hardships as obstacles to their dreams. So instead of working their way through them, they find it easiest to put the blame on God. But for those whose faith in God stands firm no matter what adversity they face in life, they turn to Him for help and guidance. Others would even thank the Almighty for the miseries they encounter since these serve as the reason for them to draw closer to God.

Indeed, He is always at work. It’s just, most of the time, in ways we cannot see as we were blinded by the desolation surrounding us. It’s about time we realize that God uses our hardest moments for us to remember Him and cling to His saving hands.

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