January 16

Alan Jackson Wants Us to Live “Here in the Real World”

Life in the movies are always perfect, if not some, most of it. We always picture our lives to be perfect like what we see on the big screen, but in reality, it’s too far different from that. Alan Jackson co-wrote a song that will bring us back to the reality that life is never the same as in the movies.

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First Top Ten Single on the Chart

“Here in the Real World” was Jackson’s first song on the top ten of the country chart. In addition, this was his first single to reach number one on the Canadian chart. Furthermore, he wrote the song with Mark Irwin in 1989. “Here in the Real World” is one of the tracks from his same-titled album.


The Story of “Here in the Real World”

In the song, the narrator used to believe that love is like the movies. He believed that he would experience the happy ending seen on the big screen. However, he realized that life is never perfect. It is never the same as the romantic movies he watched, and it will never end that way. The woman he used to love showed him that life is meant to be lived in reality instead of fantasy. When she left him, it broke his heart, and he began to not believe in happy endings and love anymore.

But here in the real world

It’s not that easy at all

‘Cause when hearts get broken

It’s real tears that fall

And darlin’ it’s sad but true

But the one thing I’ve learned from you

Is how the boy don’t always get the girl

Here in the real world

The Album

Here in the Real World is Jackson’s second studio album. It reached number four on the US country chart and number fifty-seven on the Billboard 200 chart. In addition, it was 2x platinum-certified by RIAA in 1994.

Different Covers

Big names in country music covered Jackson’s song, these include George Jones for his album Hits I Missed…And One I Didn’t, Glen Campbell for Glen Campbell Live! His Greatest Hits, and Charley Pride for Classics With Pride.



Alan Jackson

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