September 5

Re-introducing The King Of Country, Roy Acuff

The Smoky Mountain Boy … fiddled and sang his way into the hearts of millions the world over, often times bringing country music to areas where it had never been before. ‘The King of Country Music’ … has carried his troupe of performers overseas to entertain his country’s armed forced at Christmas time for more than 20 years. Many successful artists credit their success to a helping hand and encouraging word from Roy Acuff.”
– from his Plaque at the Country Music Hall of Fame –

Howdy folks from the 1940s! Do you miss listening to Roy Acuff’s good ole timey music?

Here’s a brief clip to feed your nostalgia.

Done watching? Okay, hear me out now. Thank you.

My generation of millennials here almost knows practically nothing of the dubbed “King of Country.” Would you mind introducing him to us by adding bits of what you know in the 1930s-50s? Give us insights on the ‘tastes’ and ‘feels’ of his music. Though there might be several information we could dig from the internet, there’s nothing like hearing it directly from you folks who have lived in that era.

Aside from the above-quoted commentary on his CMA plaque, what made him earn the title “King of Country?” Was it to be credited also to the frequency of his band’s live, stage performances in the Grand Ole Opry which stretched for decades even when they were already old and gray (See clip below)? Or was there something more in him that made him stand out from among his contemporaries?
And what do you have to say to distinguish him from country legends George Jones and Johnny Cash who were also being attributed the label “King of Country?”

The answer lies on all your contributed inputs. Let’s hear them.

Meanwhile, here is a trivia about Roy that even the most seasoned country fan may not know. In his later years, he made Grand Ole Opry his home when he lived in a house nearby after his wife Mildred passed away in 1981. Every after his weekly show at Opry, he gets escorted back to his house.

Re-introducing The King Of Country, Roy Acuff 1


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