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Ray Stevens’ Country Version of “You Are So Beautiful”

you are so beautiful ray stevens

The heartfelt soft rock of Joe Cocker “You Are So Beautiful” is a huge hit in the 70’s up until now. People play this song for different reasons and it can also be dedicated to anyone you love. It has a beautiful meaning that’s easy to grasp. Everyone knows Joe Cocker’s version. However, there are also different versions of this song in different music styles. The version in this article is that of Ray Stevens.

“You Are So Beautiful”: Original Version

“You Are So Beautiful” was written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher in the 70’s. It was first recorded by Preston for his album The Kids and Me. However, when it was recorded by Joe Cocker, the song gained a lot of attention that it peaked at No. 12 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart for a total of 10 weeks. Furthermore, it also peaked at No. 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Preston’s version didn’t make it to the Billboard charts.

Ray Stevens Version

Ray Stevens recorded the song and included it on his album Just for the Record in 1976. His version is different from the original version. He made the beat up-tempo and country. His version of the song entered the US Billboard Hot Country Songs at No. 16 in 1976.

Other Versions

Other artists also covered the song and sang it on their own musical styles. Some of the artists who that covered the song were Kenny Rogers in 1983 and Bonnie Tyler in 1993. Kenny Rogers’ version is the same as the original.

The Song’s Content

The words written were simple yet meaningful. The song is well written that you can actually dedicate or sing this song to anyone you love. It will definitely make the person you love happy because it is an appealing song.

What do you think of Ray Stevens version? Did you like it or is it better when it’s the original version?

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