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Ray Price’s “I Won’t Mention It Again”: 1971 Breakup Song

ray price i won't mention it again

Ray Price was one of the country musicians whose voice is remarkable and the best. A far-reaching baritone voice that will give you chills and make you want to keep on listening more. He is best known for his songs, “Release Me,” “Crazy Arms,” “Heartaches by the Number,” and “For the Good Times.”

“I Won’t Mention It Again” Performance

Price has eight songs to reach No. 1 and 46 songs to be on the top 10. Today we give notice to some of his No. 1 song, “I Won’t Mention It Again.” The song had entered the Billboard charts in many different categories. First, it peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs for the span of 3 weeks. Moreover, his song crossover the pop charts, peaking at No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts in 1971. Lastly, it also entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 42 in 1971. This is one of his number one songs, however, which not much attention was given to compared to his famous Hit, “Crazy Arms.”

The Song’s Content

“I Won’t Mention It Again” is the No.1 track on his album entitled I Won’t Mention It Again. Written by Cam Mullins and Carolyn Jean Yates in 1971. A song about losing the feeling of love after being together. In the song, the narrator is still in love with his lover, but the woman is falling out of love with him. Therefore, she decided to give up on their relationship. The narrator wants to fight for the woman he loves, to keep the relationship going. However, he decided that it’s enough. He decided to say to his lover that he still loves her and then let go. Hard as it seems, but it’s the only thing he can do because you cannot force someone to love you if they have already fallen out of love.

A truly heartbreaking song that also happens in reality. Here’s Ray Price’s No. 1 song in 1971.

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