April 30

Rascal Flatts’ Inspiring Song “Bless the Broken Road”

Most of the time,  when we are happy and we already got what we wished for, we eventually forget to thank God. When God allows someone to enter our life, he has a purpose.

When you are in a relationship and you are happy, then you see happy people. You tell yourself “ He or she is the one.” You even forget to pray and thank God for bringing you closure to your beloved. But during your downfall, that’s the only time you talk to God. Asking him why he allowed those bad things to happen. But don’t you know that if God removes someone from your life, he is not punishing you but preparing you to meet someone better.

Don’t worry. God is always on control. You may not have found true love but you learned to love yourself more and the rest will follow. Allow me to tell you about Rascal Flatts’ “Bless the Broken Road” which may help get up from the damage made by your past.

Rascal Flatts: An American country music trio.

The Rascal Flatts members are Gary LeVox as the lead vocalist, Jay DeMarcus as the bassist and Joe Rooney as the guitarist. DeMarcus is part of a Christian group East to West. He moved to Nashville in the year 1992 and brought LeVox with him and moved to Columbus, Ohio to Nashville in 1997. Actually, DeMarcus was LeVox’s second cousin.

After they moved from east to west, Jay DeMarcus joined Chely Wright’s band, where he first met Joe Rooney. One day, LeVox and DeMarcus were playing a gig in Nashville club. Apparently, their part-time guitarist can’t play with them so LeVox invited Rooney to watch them.

To cut the story short, the name Rascal Flatts was developed in 1999.

Bless the Broken Road

Photo Credit: Rascall Flatts/ youtuube.com via screengrab
Photo Credit: Rascal Flatts/ youtuube.com via screengrab

The song is about trusting God’s perfect timing, not yours. The lyrics show how God’s plan makes the will. You may not know what’s happening around you until  God lets you realize why he allowed that to happen. The song was originally recorded by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Marcus Hummon in 1994 before Rascal Flatts recorded it. Moreover, their song won Grammy for Best Country Song.

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