October 22

Rare Video of Young Willie Nelson Singing his Hits

1962 is a far, far year from now and going back to this year and a nostalgic flashback to Willie Nelson paving his way to becoming country’s premier country singer-songwriter is an absolute treat. While many photo results on Google would show an older Willie Nelson, it is a rare take to see a Young Willie performing his written music and hits for the public. On this Youtube video, an obvious Nelson fan ‘dekkadon’ wrote that the video is believed to have been filmed in Nashville for TV. At first look, it seems that the video is in Grand Ole Opry as a live performance. Nonetheless, it’s Willie Nelson in his most-clean cut appearance.

Willie Nelson, Hit Songs

The first song that Nelson sang in the video is ‘Hello Walls’ which as he mentioned was first recorded by Faron Young. If the video was recorded in the 1960s then it was surely a popular hit before since it’s the same era that Faron Young recorded ‘Hello Walls.’ It’s also the song that introduced Willie Nelson as a songwriter to a national audience.

Next song played in the video was ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ which was first recorded by Billy Walker to a moderate success but the said song had a lot of redo over time as King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley recorded a version of this song in Elvis Country album.

The Willie Nelson medley was followed by the songs Night Light and Crazy and both songs were performed by Nelson with much finesse. It is a rare moment to watch these country legends during their stepping stone years and what could be more fun than watching Willie Nelson bleeds talent even without the bandana.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of this performance. Don’t forget to leave comments below!


Hello Walls, Willie Nelson

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