October 8

When Randy Travis Paid Highest Tribute to George Jones

Energetic Randy Travis was the biggest champion of George Jones back in the days. Aside from sharing the same stage with The Possum, Randy Travis had played an important role during the funeral of George Jones. Unlike some other artists who cover other artists’ music catalog, Randy Travis went as far as singing an originally written song with Joe Nicols entitled, ‘Tonight I’m Playing Possum’ which was released on Randy Travis’ 13th mainstream studio album. The album entitled Influence Vol. 1: The Man I Am is also a huge tribute to the departed George Jones.

Tonight I’m Playing Possum, Randy Travis

Randy Travis and George Jones were very much alike in so many ways we could realize. Aside from being grade-A country singers both shared a common interest when it comes to alcohol and their continuous battle against. This shared interest made them headline of news and other gossip magazines. Speaking in an interview, Randy Travis shared his sentiments about George Jones. He said:

“We were both, no doubt, traditionalists all the way through. And I learned so much about singing from George Jones just by listening to him. There was a stretch of years where every hit he had, I was learning them to sing in clubs.  George Jones was one of the greatest singers that ever lived. I actually loved the man and really enjoyed the time I got to spend with him & [his wife] Nancy.

I had a request through Warner Brothers to record the song as a tribute to George Jones, and after listening to it, I wanted to very much,” Travis says. “It’s just a wonderful piece of writing. And what I wanted to accomplish by doing it is simply what it is — a tribute to George. Many people in this business will say that he’s the greatest country singer that ever lived, and I agree. I thought a lot of him.”

Watch his performance below and be amazed at Randy Travis:



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