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See How Randy Travis is Doing Years After his Stroke

In 2013, Randy Travis suffered from a debilitating stroke, which rendered him mostly unable to perform. He sustained serious damage to his brain. However, his tenacity shows because he makes constant efforts to make surprise appearances at concerts and shows.

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via Randy Travis’ Official Facebook Page

But, he has made amazing progress since then.

Randy Travis Has Come a Long Way

According to what his wife Mary told People Magazine, the icon has serious damage to

“the whole third midsection of [his] left brain…which is speaking, writing and reading, and still has difficulty forming speech.”

However, she did note that Travis has made huge progress in his recovery since he first came home after his four-month-long hospital stay.

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Photo Credits: Randy Travis/Official Facebook Home Page

But every day was a learning experience for both of them. Travis had to re-learn most of the things that he could easily do before he suffered from his stroke.

“Each day there’s something new that he says or does. He didn’t know what the TV remote was or what the telephone was. It takes you back to raising a child, and you start all over again.”

Still, she did note that it was a huge sigh of relief when they were able to go home after an extended period of stay at the hospital. To them, it felt like

“somebody left the gate open, and boy, we were going to go live life.”

He is Still a Prankster

His wife also retells about how Travis never lost his sense of humor.

Randy Travis, three nails and a cross, gospel
Photo Credits: Randy Travis/ Official Facebook Page

“If you walk out a door, he’s probably going to lock it on you. We make it a point to find something to laugh about every single day. That makes all the difference in the world. Even through the tears sometimes, of sadness and defeat, you smile.”

Right now, Travis is working hard to get his ability to speak fluently back. But while he does this, the couple has developed an ingenious way to communicate.

“Our communication is between hearts now, not lips. I tell him all the time, ‘You speak volumes in your silence. In his silence, he can make me feel like a princess. I feel so blessed to get to walk beside him through this.”


Randy Travis

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