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Randy Travis was a Sex Symbol back in the Early 90’s

Together with George Strait, Randy Travis dominated the country music back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. In addition, we all know that he was not only a singer but also a songwriter and a few years later, he became an actor and appeared in some films. Again, like the king of Country Music, George Strait, Randy Travis was also in some commercials.

A proof of Randy Travis' sex appeal.
A proof of Randy Travis’ sex appeal.

The Handsome Artist, Randy Travis

Back in his prime, Randy was one of the most famous artists in the country music industry. Not only that, he was one of the symbols of sex and it’s undeniably true. With his body matching his looks, girls of his age were lusting with this country icon. Want some proof? Just watch the Coca-Cola commercial below and tell me I’m wrong. The video below is a commercial of Coca-Cola in 1990, featuring the legend Randy Travis. It also shows how he came up with the song that they used in the commercial.

Do You Know He’s a Friend of the World’s Most Famous Body Builder?

Randy Travis was a Sex Symbol back in the Early 90’s 1

Everybody knows how goodhearted Randy Travis is. Having said that, he is a friend to tons of people. Watch how Arnold Schwarzenegger describes being a fan of Randy Travis. Also in the video, he describes his first meeting with the world-famous bodybuilder and their relationship. Not only that, but he also shared what he learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We know that you also can’t deny that he was a hunk during his time. Even though he’s can’t sing now, we still love him, and we wish him all the best especially to his health and career. So does the Coca-Cola commercial bring back memories? And, did you like the young Randy Travis in that commercial?

Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to spread the word that a country legend today was formerly a sex symbol. God Bless Your Heart!


Randy Travis

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