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Randy Travis Honors God in His Song “Here I Am to Worship”

We are quick to ask God for things that we need or help when we are in trouble. And, God, who loves us, helps us. He listens to our prayers, and He gives us what we truly deserve. That’s how great God is. However, when we get what we want, we tend to forget God. We enjoy the moment when we receive God’s blessing then we forget about His kindness. We forget to thank and praise God for all of the miracles in our life. But, God deserves to be praised because He always watches over us. Maybe, we should take some time to worship Him.

The Gospel Song, “Here I Am to Worship”

“Here I Am to Worship” is a perfectly written gospel song for praising God. It’s an amazing single to be played every Sunday. It talks about the greatness of God and how He created the world. In addition, this gospel song is what we need to show how much we are thankful for all God’s blessings.

The Writing Process

The song was written by Tim Hughes in 1999. The inspiration behind this song came from a book in the Bible, Philippians 2. However, Hughes didn’t immediately finish writing the song. He felt like the chorus is not right. Therefore, he set it aside for a few months. When a pastor from his church said that the song must be played often, Hughes realized that now his song is ready to be played.

Cover Version

Hughes’ song has been covered by various artists from 2002 until 2007. But, it is still mostly played in church gatherings. Some of the artists known to cover his song were Hillsong in 2003, Michael W. Smith in 2002, Terry MacAlmon in 2004, and many more.

Randy Travis’ Version

Randy Travis Here I Am to Worship
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In 2005, Randy Travis added his version of “Here I Am to Worship” in his seventeenth gospel album, Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Worship, and Praise. He never released any of his songs in the album as a single. Therefore, not having one of it on the Billboard chart. But, his award-winning album went to number seven on the Top Christian chart. Furthermore, the album has entered the Top Country Album and Billboard 200 chart.

Listen to how great Randy Travis’ version of “Here I Am toWorship” is.


Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Here I Am to Worship, Randy Travis

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