August 2

Randy Travis’ Emotional Performance Singing the Amazing Grace


Three years after a debilitating stroke, country music legend, Randy Travis, took the mic and stunned the crowd with his performance. He performed the “Amazing Grace” at the Country Music Hall of Fame Ceremony last October 16, 2016. Travis moved the audience with his shaky and garble voice and his signature depth was finally back.

Randy Travis’ Emotional Performance Singing the Amazing Grace 1

It was a special moment for the country artist when he was welcomed into the ranks of the Hall of Fame, considering the challenging health issues he faced. He suffered a stroke in 2013 which took his ability to speak. Of course, losing this ability means losing the ability to sing. It affected millions of his fans but the most affected was his wife, Mary. His voice is adored in the country music. It was truly tragedy when we heard what happened to him.

His wife Mary was by his side when he accepted the medallion and entrance to the Country Hall of Fame. Even though he was only able deliver a few lines, he amazed the audience. Randy Travis brought the crowd to their feet when he performed his moving rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Some wiped their tears while singing quietly along with the country legend. Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley were also there and they were the ones who assisted Travis to the podium.

It was worth it, he proved that the fans are the most important to him. A performance like such took a lot of effort and practice. Everybody appreciated the song and Travis’ singing. He reminded his fans why he became a country star with his smooth baritone voice. His fellow artist such as Alan Jackson said that Travis helped to “rescue” country music way back in the 1980’s. We can all see that he still got what it takes to sweep his fans’ feet.



  • […] Travis, who now lives in Texas, got his start playing nightclubs in Charlotte. He moved to Nashville and became an instant hit in 1986 with the release of the album “Storms of Life.” In the years that followed, he sold more than 25 million records and earned 20-plus No. 1 hits. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year and stood to sing a shaky version of “Amazing Grace.” […]

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