December 12

Randy Travis’ Dilemma in “How Do I Wrap My Heart Up for Christmas”

From the creative pen of Paul Overstreet, “How Do I Wrap My Heart Up for Christmas” is one of those rare Randy Travis Christmas songs from his 1989 album, “An Old Time Christmas.”

As we patiently wait and expect Travis’ recovery, we’re on a mission to resurrect some of his unfamiliar yet exceptional songs. So, come plug in your ears to a honky-tonk Christmas tune from a visionary musician!

Ah! Don’t you love that swag in Travis’s voice on the first couple of notes? His is one of the remaining pure country voices that can bring calmness and reassurance that “Traditional Country Music” does not go out of style.

Album Chart Performance & Reception

First released in August 1989, this 10-track-album fluidly peaked at #13 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and #5 on Top Holiday Albums charts. Disarming as Randy Travis already is, AllMusic and Chicago Tribune both gave “An Old Time Christmas” a professional rating of three stars. (Sounds like such score does not give Travis justice ain’t it? Regardless, to the millions of Travis fans out there, each of his song is outstanding!)

Sending Our Covering Prayers to Randy and his Family

Blessed with a voice tailor-made for the Country music genre, Randy Travis began his musical odyssey as a Neo-Traditionalist. Slick like a whistle, fame, and success came naturally to him. Part of age and maturity perhaps, Travis followed on the footsteps of his predecessors like George Jones and Merle Haggard. In his latter releases, he decided to delve deeper by recording gospel and spirituals.

So here’s to a hope that all still is well on his family’s end. What a blessing it is to have Randy Travis grace the Country music scene!

Posted by Randy Travis on Friday, March 30, 2012


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