July 24

Throwback: Randy Travis’ Cameo Appearances on Christian Films

Randy Travis is undoubtedly every inch a king when it comes to creating music. But little did the majority know that he also made efforts of broadening his territory through films. Here are clips from three motion pictures featuring his acting chops.

Throwback: Randy Travis' Cameo Appearances on Christian Films 1

Jerusalem Countdown

Another end-time movie adapted from the book of John Hagee, Travis plays as C.I.A Deputy Director. In a race against time, he’s among the three key persons to help the protagonist locate and smuggled nuclear weapons. This also led to the creation of the song, Jerusalem’s Cry.

The Wager (June 2007)Throwback: Randy Travis' Cameo Appearances on Christian Films 2

Every man is a battle-ground and that’s the role of Travis here. Much like a modern Job story where God and Satan made a wager over a man’s capacity in decision-making.

Playing as Michael Steele, Travis demonstrated how a man committed to faith ought to live in our modern time.

Note, Randy Travis’ performance in The Wager led to his nomination as Best Actor for the Academy Awards.

And here’s the full trailer. The Director and Editor must have decided to pact these few minutes with some of the key teachings of Jesus about the Beatitudes and Fruit-Bearing.

Throwback: Randy Travis' Cameo Appearances on Christian Films 3

The Price

Starring alongside his wife Mary, Travis definitely can feel his character, Roy Taggart. Taggart is a country star at the brink of losing his legacy but in came his redemption- his son Jonah Anderson.

Above clips are enough proofs that Travis is in no way behind acting. Of course, it still could not be compared to seasoned actors, but Travis has potential. He could have participated in more films had it not been for health issues. We haven’t heard much about him lately, hence, this throwback. Whether you’re at home or at work, it won’t hurt to utter few minutes of prayer for him today. May God grant him a speedy and full recovery.

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