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Honoring a Late Friend, Randy Travis’ Bro, Ricky Traywick Sings

Honoring a Late Friend, Randy Travis’ Bro, Ricky Traywick Sings 1

The world knows who the great Randy Travis is. However, this legendary country artist was born with the name Randy Traywick. Before the fame, he actually performs with this given name and eventually, he dropped the “Traywick” replacing it with “Travis”.

The Brothers’ Talent and Their Band

Encouraged by their father, brothers Randy and Ricky developed their musical abilities at a young age. Randy started to play the guitar and singing in his church choir at the age of eight.

After two years, Ricky and Randy teamed up forming their own musical duo. They named themselves The Traywick Brothers and they performed together at various local clubs and talent competitions during the ‘70s.

In the years of them performing together, The Traywick Brothers performed with a bass player Frank Bumgardner. Unfortunately, Bumgardner passed away several year years ago. However, the good-hearted Ricky is making all he can to make Frank’s work lives on.

A Tribute by Ricky Traywick

On December 11, a video of Ricky Traywick singing the song “When You Gotta Go” was shared on YouTube. This song serves as a tribute to Ricky to Bumgardner. Well according to the description of the video, Frank wrote the majority of the song.

Together with only his acoustic guitar, Ricky jumped right into the song. It has a fun and rowdy tune. In one of the verses of the song, he sings of meeting a gal at a honky-tonk whose husband storms in and starts to pick a fight. Saying how he wasn’t going to stick around to get hurt, Ricky sings:

“When you gotta go, you know, you know, you gotta go.”

Adding up to the authentic country sound, Ricky’s voice that sounds close to Randy Travis which seems like that the song was made for his voice. If ever you haven’t heard of him sing before, we’re sure that you will enjoy this video!


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